Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MSP Glitches

I really wanted to post this post... But it wont tell u cheat or hacks it just gonna tell u why MSP have been lagging and shutting down on people or why are there glitches! I made an art book I'm gonna post it on the bottom and i want u guys to click it so it can be In FULL screen and Ur'll Be Able To see the words! If u want to go search me up and go find the art book and see it Your Self then it will be great too... I just want to show u guys what's happen to the Games we Love and Play/ed. Oh and u guys should check out my friend's blog it cool! I have 2 friends blog u guys should see!

Her blog is mostly like mine cuase i log off and back on hers and mine cause she wanted me to add a banner audio and stuff ^.^. She's my Bestie so i couldn't say No xD 

Her blog is awsome! And she just started!

Oh and did u guys notice that i added an audio to The Blog? So i was thinking don't u guys get bored reading  my post. So i found this thing that aloud u to put an audio on Ur blog so i decide to do that ^.^. Comment or Message Me If u want me to Add any of Ur Favorite Music/Song! I will improve my blog in the Future tho, So Don't u worry the Blog is gonna get better :). Btw U should listen to the 2nd song  (I LOVE IT EEEK)  It called I'd Fight For U! I name the songs too! It's at the top! REMEMBER TO CLICK THE ART BOOK TO SEE THE WORD RIGHT IN FULL SCREEN ^.^.
U guys should check this out.. so me and my friend (lolsgirl)took a picture of me and her and she put it on her blog.. she put a beards on u xD. Please Don't Judge >.<

Click it to see it in FULL SCREEN



  1. awesome ! add me my name is Xx Ruby Girl xX and i am vip and plz add my friend miss londonlover shes awesome!

  2. Thts not a glitch u just wote on the screen


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