Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

Hey guys so i been getting E-mails about if i know any Diamonds cheat... and the answer is No, I'm Very sorry but the only way u can get Diamonds is by buying VIP. But i'll be checking the Internet for some. Okay?

Answer i found this thing called Cheat Engine... It helps u cheat on ANYTHING.. so i try it out.( I download it and it have to VERSE) It pretty Easy to download.. I'm trying to find a way u can use it to hack or cheat on MSP. I been looking at Videos and been E-mailing them about it! Until then PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT email me about Diamonds. I also notice that some people have been using fake E-mails! I been reading what u said and i want to send u a E-mail back but to do that i need Ur E-mail Addresses  I can't send u a Answer back Unless it's Fake. If U don't have an E-mail Addresses u can Always Message me On MSP! On my Backup (Young ki ki#2) Or My Main (Young ki ki)! I haven't been answering some of Ur E-mails that cause I'm still looking for answer so please be Patient when i find some I will E-mail U right Away :).

Oh Yeah guys.. I been trying to look at other games to play.. So if u have any good games like Moviestarplanet then please Comment below or Message Me! Thanks! Here are some games i already play.

  1. Moviestarplanet
  2. Ourworld (can't get on... Glitch or something >.<)
  3. My Candy Love
  4. Star Project
  5. Woozworld
  6. Weeworld
  7. SmallWorld
  8. Fantage

And More I forgot tho.
Oh and if u want u can check out my YouTube Page :).
That's The Link!
A Picture Of Cheat Engine


  1. Ok so I also have a MSP and a MSP blog my MSP username is Jennifer7614 and my MSP blog adress is I really like your blog though. What is your email cause I can't find it mine is

  2. a working fake email is

  3. Wow nice. heyy do u know things such as codes or cheats as if maybe u have written in your blog that I may have missed

  4. The thing is, what if you dont know how to use cheat engine for MSP? Or when you watch videos and none of them work? What would you do.

  5. OurWorld game is really nice my username is "Arieko" there

  6. ugh you just don't want to show us it. u can at least teach us how to do this

  7. do u know any cheats for fantage cause im on there and i need HELP!!! Please help name on fantage is Taylor66728 and please friend me on msp (moviestarplanet). Thx and one more question sorry to bother but this is the last thing do u know who pumpchkin is and do u like and answer me please and that is it thx bye!!!


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