Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

Hey guys so i been getting E-mails about if i know any Diamonds cheat... and the answer is No, I'm Very sorry but the only way u can get Diamonds is by buying VIP. But i'll be checking the Internet for some. Okay?

Answer i found this thing called Cheat Engine... It helps u cheat on ANYTHING.. so i try it out.( I download it and it have to VERSE) It pretty Easy to download.. I'm trying to find a way u can use it to hack or cheat on MSP. I been looking at Videos and been E-mailing them about it! Until then PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT email me about Diamonds. I also notice that some people have been using fake E-mails! I been reading what u said and i want to send u a E-mail back but to do that i need Ur E-mail Addresses  I can't send u a Answer back Unless it's Fake. If U don't have an E-mail Addresses u can Always Message me On MSP! On my Backup (Young ki ki#2) Or My Main (Young ki ki)! I haven't been answering some of Ur E-mails that cause I'm still looking for answer so please be Patient when i find some I will E-mail U right Away :).

Oh Yeah guys.. I been trying to look at other games to play.. So if u have any good games like Moviestarplanet then please Comment below or Message Me! Thanks! Here are some games i already play.

  1. Moviestarplanet
  2. Ourworld (can't get on... Glitch or something >.<)
  3. My Candy Love
  4. Star Project
  5. Woozworld
  6. Weeworld
  7. SmallWorld
  8. Fantage

And More I forgot tho.
Oh and if u want u can check out my YouTube Page :).
That's The Link!
A Picture Of Cheat Engine


  1. Ok so I also have a MSP and a MSP blog my MSP username is Jennifer7614 and my MSP blog adress is I really like your blog though. What is your email cause I can't find it mine is

    1. Okay I'll check out ur blog. And Thanks for liking it ^.^

    2. oh and my email is

    3. I followed your blog =)

  2. a working fake email is

  3. Wow nice. heyy do u know things such as codes or cheats as if maybe u have written in your blog that I may have missed


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