Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Message

Will Now I been getting messages to keep on making my post. and i just don't know. i may keep posting them but i won't promise you anything and if i keep on doing them. i won't post them everyday i may post them 1 time a week cause of school, homework and stuff. Does anyone know the animation glitch? 

What's the Animation Glitch?
Will its this glitch where you can copy other people animation for movies and artbook! will they change it and i found a new one for the new animationer and it work 100%. if you want to know how to do it then watch the video below.

sorry sometimes banicam doesn't work right :(. 

Want V.I.P?

You have to understand that i can't just snap my fingers and you will be V.I.P. I need you to stop sending me message about that. it doesn't work like that. sometimes it doesn't work, so i need you to not get mad at me :(. 

How To Get V.I.P.

Will you can find how to get vip on YouTube and on google. just use keyword/ sentences like this
1: How to get V.I.P. On MSP
2:How to Get V.I.P. on Moviestarplanet
3:Free Vip On MSP
4: How to Get V.I.P. (tho that one will be all kinds of different online games that have something to do with V.I.P)
They're are MORE but i can't sit and right the WHOLE list. xD

Will I Hope this Help You ^_^.
Pixie hollow fan out there Pixie Hollow is Closing September 19th 2013. and they're giving away free MEMBERSHIP to everyone. (People that sign up now and people who don't have MEMBERSHIP yet)
So that can be a game you can play. cause you get to have V.I.P.(MEMBERSHIP i guess you can say) 

I JUST UPGRADE A NEW THING TO MY BLOG. IT TELLS ABOUT ME. IT'S A THE TOP IT'S CALLED ♥ About Me, Young ♥ READ BEFORE YOU JUDGE -_- (I Don't Like People Judging me before Knowing me. It's Rude in my Opinion)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Bye :(

Hey  :(

So my dad and I just had a 1 hour chat. He said i have to quit Moviestarplanet to forecast on my school... I'm gonna be in 6th (7th actually but that a LONG story :D) grade! And once he made his mind no one can change it :(. I may give my account to my best friend.. (will see about that ) And before i live i WILL TRY to find a cheat/hack that works if not.. then i fail you. I decide before i leave i will make a YouTube video! I will still be on YouTube too! But any request on the video? I got one in mind but i don't know... So any request. I will miss you! I will miss Zoey, Lolsgirl, Pease, Ima direectioner 4ever.. and people who supported me and EVERYONE esl! Have you notice the new song? It called Missing... i would of picked Impossible but i think this one is better :). If you want to see that special video i recommend you bookmark this Blog and by Next week the video/post will be on either the blog or my YouTube Channel! Hugs and Kisses 

♥ Young

Monday, July 22, 2013

Free VIP without Paying :D [INFO]

it only works for some people sometimes! so don't get mad if it don't work for you... it only work for people sometimes.. u just got to get lucky ♣ xD. 

oh and people out there that wants me to make a moviestarplanet account for them and make it vip.. i CAN'T  do that sometimes so sorry :s

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hi again :D

sorry i haven't been u know posting and stuff.. I been checking my G-mail and it seem that a lot of u want VIP right? Well i found a WAY! and it WORKS TOO ^.^. I just found it today! But u have to wait a week for the VIP to show up this is my 1st day but people say it totally work and u can use it every month... So do it while u can! The video is at the bottom do exactly what it said or it won't work! If it don't work for u please don't complain and same mean comment, it hurts people's feeling :s.This video was just post 3 month ago and i think it still works!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MSP Glitches

I really wanted to post this post... But it wont tell u cheat or hacks it just gonna tell u why MSP have been lagging and shutting down on people or why are there glitches! I made an art book I'm gonna post it on the bottom and i want u guys to click it so it can be In FULL screen and Ur'll Be Able To see the words! If u want to go search me up and go find the art book and see it Your Self then it will be great too... I just want to show u guys what's happen to the Games we Love and Play/ed. Oh and u guys should check out my friend's blog it cool! I have 2 friends blog u guys should see!

Her blog is mostly like mine cuase i log off and back on hers and mine cause she wanted me to add a banner audio and stuff ^.^. She's my Bestie so i couldn't say No xD 

Her blog is awsome! And she just started!

Oh and did u guys notice that i added an audio to The Blog? So i was thinking don't u guys get bored reading  my post. So i found this thing that aloud u to put an audio on Ur blog so i decide to do that ^.^. Comment or Message Me If u want me to Add any of Ur Favorite Music/Song! I will improve my blog in the Future tho, So Don't u worry the Blog is gonna get better :). Btw U should listen to the 2nd song  (I LOVE IT EEEK)  It called I'd Fight For U! I name the songs too! It's at the top! REMEMBER TO CLICK THE ART BOOK TO SEE THE WORD RIGHT IN FULL SCREEN ^.^.
U guys should check this out.. so me and my friend (lolsgirl)took a picture of me and her and she put it on her blog.. she put a beards on u xD. Please Don't Judge >.<

Click it to see it in FULL SCREEN


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

Hey guys so i been getting E-mails about if i know any Diamonds cheat... and the answer is No, I'm Very sorry but the only way u can get Diamonds is by buying VIP. But i'll be checking the Internet for some. Okay?

Answer i found this thing called Cheat Engine... It helps u cheat on ANYTHING.. so i try it out.( I download it and it have to VERSE) It pretty Easy to download.. I'm trying to find a way u can use it to hack or cheat on MSP. I been looking at Videos and been E-mailing them about it! Until then PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT email me about Diamonds. I also notice that some people have been using fake E-mails! I been reading what u said and i want to send u a E-mail back but to do that i need Ur E-mail Addresses  I can't send u a Answer back Unless it's Fake. If U don't have an E-mail Addresses u can Always Message me On MSP! On my Backup (Young ki ki#2) Or My Main (Young ki ki)! I haven't been answering some of Ur E-mails that cause I'm still looking for answer so please be Patient when i find some I will E-mail U right Away :).

Oh Yeah guys.. I been trying to look at other games to play.. So if u have any good games like Moviestarplanet then please Comment below or Message Me! Thanks! Here are some games i already play.

  1. Moviestarplanet
  2. Ourworld (can't get on... Glitch or something >.<)
  3. My Candy Love
  4. Star Project
  5. Woozworld
  6. Weeworld
  7. SmallWorld
  8. Fantage

And More I forgot tho.
Oh and if u want u can check out my YouTube Page :).
That's The Link!
A Picture Of Cheat Engine

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shout Outs! Happy 4th Of July!

Shout Outs!

Okay so one of my friend on Moviestarplanet wants me to do a shout out... i don't think it a good idea but i told my other friend and she said it was a good idea! So i'm gonna start doing it now :)

Shout Outs:

Kittybonebest: For thinking of this idea!

[nicki]: for supporting me to do this :)

1zoeykayla1: for being my bestes bestie :)

blackipease18: for being my 2nd bestie :) and supporting me.

Katelynknutt123: for being my 3rd best friend, and always giving me gifts :)

I guess that's it :) Thanks!

I did a new background if u can't see it.. i show it :)
comment below of what u think!
Go check out the new poll :)

O, i almost forgot! 

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!! (u thought i forgot?)