Friday, June 28, 2013

Diamond Cheat & Starcoins & New Video

Diamond Hack/Cheat

This was recommend by gerogia Keating,

 she wanted to know how to get diamond hack/cheat. those things NEVER work cause you have to take survey or have to download, those cheat wont be able to work cu your not vip, but i found this website that people are saying well get you diamond easy peasy (i)  Never tried it before, they also said you have to do one quick survey, so here are the link and stuff i found, and the pictures too :).

Im sorry to say guys, but some of these stuff don't work, the better way to handle these vip stuff is just to ask a parent to buy you vip if your good, or if you be good :). I NEVER tried these stuff before if you guys have then, GREAT! and if u know how to handle these then great! Here you go!


This was recommend by caitlin prati!                                                                                                                        Well i don't really know any starcoins cheat, but i found some on youtube!!! I Hope it works!


That all i can find for now :). I hope it works for y'all, if it don't PLEASE DO NOT write mean comment about how i'm stupid and stuff, i'm trying to find things that are working but it VERY hard >.<

New Video

Today i did a new video using Vegas Movie Studio... It my 1st time... u guys so please do not judge. Here it is... BTW it on youtube!

Peace Out!


  1. You know the it didnt work for me.Will anyone do it for me my names Spray Painter Dude.......And i want diamonds:9999999999999 and starcions:9999999999999

  2. non oh the hacks worked can you do it for me can I have starcoins:9999999999999 and diamonds:9999999999999 plz oh name cutegirlgirl12345 XxX

  3. plz do it for me ma name is: ruhina9 and i want starcoins:99999999999
    and diamonds:999999999999

  4. omg rlly plz tell me how!

  5. I tried a lot of things and they ask for my password a lot so can any spare me plzz I only want Starcoins:999999999 and Diamonds:66666 mi name is #Biqqz

  6. I dont know how to do it
    Username: cute so cute14
    Starcoins: 100,000,000
    Diamonds: 5,000

  7. You have to be over for the 18 ch3t, I am not. I am sooo upset because of this.. Please find another thing!

  8. can some one get me 9999999999 starcoins and 999999999 diamonds my name is dylan]

  9. Ok, i really want it but... i cant do it. plz do it for me!!! username: blondie101138 THX IF U CAN!!!!!

  10. Hey young Ki Ki can you please do the hack for me? My name is xXskylaXx and if you want my password to be able to do it just send me an email to thanx. ;3 just put heaps of diamonds and coins if you could it would be much appreciated

  11. Hey Young Ki Ki can you plz do the hack for me
    My name is xXskylaXx and if you need my password just email me at ;3 thanx just give me vip, heaps of coins 9999999999 and heaps of diamonds 99999999 thanx again

  12. somebody please do mine? Starcoins : 99999999999 Diomands : 9999999 my name is Beauty48
    Thank you c:

  13. non oh the hacks worked can you do it for me can I have starcoins:9999999999999 and diamonds:9999999999999 plz oh name HackItBLA
    -- Germay --


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