Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Bye :(

Hey  :(

So my dad and I just had a 1 hour chat. He said i have to quit Moviestarplanet to forecast on my school... I'm gonna be in 6th (7th actually but that a LONG story :D) grade! And once he made his mind no one can change it :(. I may give my account to my best friend.. (will see about that ) And before i live i WILL TRY to find a cheat/hack that works if not.. then i fail you. I decide before i leave i will make a YouTube video! I will still be on YouTube too! But any request on the video? I got one in mind but i don't know... So any request. I will miss you! I will miss Zoey, Lolsgirl, Pease, Ima direectioner 4ever.. and people who supported me and EVERYONE esl! Have you notice the new song? It called Missing... i would of picked Impossible but i think this one is better :). If you want to see that special video i recommend you bookmark this Blog and by Next week the video/post will be on either the blog or my YouTube Channel! Hugs and Kisses 

♥ Young


  1. i am going to miss you :( even if you don't know me i am a stalker for you i was the one that everywhere you go i will go but you never notice cause i have a 1000 of accounts just to stalk you :(

  2. Would you be interested in selling the blog? I would buy it from you and merge it with my new blog (

    Email me if you an interested at

  3. PS you dont need to publish my last comment


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