Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Message

Will Now I been getting messages to keep on making my post. and i just don't know. i may keep posting them but i won't promise you anything and if i keep on doing them. i won't post them everyday i may post them 1 time a week cause of school, homework and stuff. Does anyone know the animation glitch? 

What's the Animation Glitch?
Will its this glitch where you can copy other people animation for movies and artbook! will they change it and i found a new one for the new animationer and it work 100%. if you want to know how to do it then watch the video below.

sorry sometimes banicam doesn't work right :(. 

Want V.I.P?

You have to understand that i can't just snap my fingers and you will be V.I.P. I need you to stop sending me message about that. it doesn't work like that. sometimes it doesn't work, so i need you to not get mad at me :(. 

How To Get V.I.P.

Will you can find how to get vip on YouTube and on google. just use keyword/ sentences like this
1: How to get V.I.P. On MSP
2:How to Get V.I.P. on Moviestarplanet
3:Free Vip On MSP
4: How to Get V.I.P. (tho that one will be all kinds of different online games that have something to do with V.I.P)
They're are MORE but i can't sit and right the WHOLE list. xD

Will I Hope this Help You ^_^.
Pixie hollow fan out there Pixie Hollow is Closing September 19th 2013. and they're giving away free MEMBERSHIP to everyone. (People that sign up now and people who don't have MEMBERSHIP yet)
So that can be a game you can play. cause you get to have V.I.P.(MEMBERSHIP i guess you can say) 

I JUST UPGRADE A NEW THING TO MY BLOG. IT TELLS ABOUT ME. IT'S A THE TOP IT'S CALLED ♥ About Me, Young ♥ READ BEFORE YOU JUDGE -_- (I Don't Like People Judging me before Knowing me. It's Rude in my Opinion)


  1. I have noticed it says "" your an Aussie :OOO Are you o.o

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