Friday, June 21, 2013

Free Account & Some Ideas!

Free Accounts

Hey, guys so today im gonna  give you some free account and there level. Also some ideas. First is the accounts!

user: xxkyndlexx`

Pass: password1

level: 2

sc: 1.177

user:<3ugly betty<3
pass: uglybetty1
level: 3
Sc: 146

user: kyndlemcdougle
pass: mcdougle25
level: 2

user: sassy c
pass: angelshadowcat2
level: 2
sc: 417

Remember: When you get the account change the password and email! For people out there who said it don't work and stuff... well it because someone else took it so please don't write comment about that :). And I'm sorry if you don't like the name :(. Next time ill do cute name and stuff! All these accounts are Girl too tho :).


Okay so i was thinking... instead of looking for my account and chatting me and all, why dont i make an account for th blog so we can talk and chat... My 2nd idea is, why don't you guys ask me or comment what you want to do the cheat or tip on? Like some can say... " do you know any clothes cheats" or "Starcoins Cheat please" And i'll be more then happy to do it for you V.V ^.^... So I guess that it :) 

-Ki Ki


  1. i think its good and btw do u know diamonds cheat??

  2. do u know and dimond cheats and sc cheats x:p

  3. do you know any cheats that workonly have 146 sc and 0 diamonds oh and it is for moviestarplanet!

  4. plz im BEGGIN U post a fame cheat. I've been stuck on the same level for way more than a month

  5. Can you find out some more account please?

    -From schoolgirlxoxoxo (add me on MovieStarPlanet)

  6. Do you know any Free VIP,Diamonds,SC, and Fame cheats?


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