Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To Get A LOT of People To Be Ur Friend/Watch Ur Movies On MSP

Hey my blogger fans :D,

Want to get A lot of peopl on msp to be your friend? well i find a way, and there is a way for people to watch your movie too! Just watch the video in the bottom, i haven't publish it to youtube yet, your're the only one seeing it right now |B. This is a glitch that happen :( so please don't judge me cuz i made a video on this.
At the End there will be pictures!
sorry there is no music :(, i was so excited to show you guys :p. 

(-watch in fullscreen mode :))

sorry it a little blurry too maybe you should watch it in small mode too, any you think is best :)

Picture Time!!!!!

Click on them to see them better :)

on young ki ki (main)

On young ki ki#2 (backup) 

-Ki Ki -_~

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