Monday, July 1, 2013


Congrats! fastcheetah03  and Beeyou2001!

Congrats to fastcheetah03 and beeyou for wining Msp 1 year Vip! Some people are being mean and saying she is the same person... Yeah i agree she is the same person but that no reason to judge her >.< i was gonna invite myself too... i mean i have NO ONE to invite :(. So please do NOT judge her! I went to msp today i notice a girl... let me show u it

I Notice it was a new thing msp is doing it a thing were u make looks and design and it put in a contest and whoever win get fame for ever rating.....

One of my friend say they want me to do a shout out... i don't know about that but i'm still thinking about it and she also want me to tell u guys that pump and Donnie broke up and now donnie is dating cutestuff O_o... no offense but i don't really care about them... they are people too and we cant follow them there WHOLE life o_o (lolz) They aren't the MOST important people in the WORLD... Anyone can go on the high score if they put their mind into it.. anyone can beat pump if they put there mind into it... SO WHAT THE POINT? They point is THEY'RE PEOPLE TOO O_o (lolz i don't even know why i'm talking about this O_o) BTW i'm not jelly about them... I maybe thinking of doing polls for this blog but promise me u will look at it? -_~ Thanks! SO....


P.s my Teacher always told me and my classmate this...


(maybe i should put that as my new motto) Lol 

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