Monday, March 18, 2013

They DON`T WORK! -click-

They don't work..

what don't work you ask?

Diamonds, Star-coins, level up scams..


Those thing just give your verse to your computer, you mom and dad will get angry with you and shut down you computer because of a   game!

I wouldn't let that happen allot of these thing don't work and to proof it i ask some of my friend if it work and these are their exactly answer 

Roxy2453: Oh Yeah they work
1Zoeykayla1: yea
hotemogirl98: well it depend! and no it don't give verse :)
kat ya know!: Well it works! and Yes it do give verse
 Everyone is wrong expet the people that say yes they work. I DARE you right now to download on of those things it wont work and BTW. you have to give surveys! GOOD LUCK |B

Here is a Video of me filing the thing

There have been several scams going around the internet concerning Diamonds, star-coins , membership and  level up.

These scams (often shown through a video),claim to award Moviestarplanet members with free Diamonds, Star-coins, membership  and Level up. The player is instructed to download a file to their computer which will then ‘magically’ allow them to add points to their account.

Not only this, but the files you are instructed to download can contain viruses or other elements that can harm your computer.For your safety and the well being of your (surely beloved) computers DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE FILES. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter!


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